Positive Change is a group of concerned citizens who have united to tackle youth violence in the Somali-Canadian community. We are made up of mothers, relatives, friends and supporters of young men who were murdered in our city.

In the summer of 2012, fed up with a rash of gun violence that plagued Toronto’s Somali-Canadian community, a group of concerned mothers came together with a simple objective: to stop their sons from dying. Fueled by their passion for change, they formed Positive Change, an ad hoc advocacy group dedicated to addressing the root causes of violence in our city. Since then, Positive Change has become a leader in the fight against violence in the Somali-Canadian community.



Our vision for the Somali Canadian community is one in which every young person is safe and has the opportunity to be successful; where the community is engaged, prosperous and strong.



Positive change works to end youth violence by advocating, researching, and lobbying to address systemic barriers in education, criminal justice system and policing, employment, family and community, and mental health.

Address: 222 Dixon Rd, 301, Toronto, ON M9P 3S5

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